M-Cropsap Mobile App

Application Details

M-Cropsap is mobile based data entry application used for Crop-Pest Surveillance and Advisory Project (CROPSAP).
  1. Application can only be used by registered Pest Monitors and Scout users of CROPSAP website
  2. After installing the application user need to login by registered Username and Password of website.
  3. After Successful login user will get a Mcropsap Menu, which displays various functional menus where user need to work.
  4. To use application user need to download data related to center, region crops and pests from website by clicking Download Data link.
  5. After successful download now user can make registration entry of farmers and crops of his affected region.
  6. Then user will redirect to Farmer and Crop Detail List.
  7. To fill surveillance data of particular farmer user need to click on farmers name, which will display surveillance form of data entry.
  8. Here user can also capture on-filed images for that surveillance.
  9. Now user need to upload surveillance data to CROPSAP website by clicking Upload data Link.
Click the bellow link to download & install M-Cropsap Android based Application

Click Here to download (Android Version)

Steps to Install M-Cropsap to Mobile:
  1. Open the Applications menu (i.e., the tab in the bottom center of the phone’s home screen) and click on the Settings application.
  2. Select Applications from the Settings menu.
  3. Make sure that the first selection,Unknown Sources, is checked so that you can install an downloaded file from a location.
  4. Open the Applications menu and select the application installer or file manager to open it.
  5. In the list, you can see the downloaded file you copied to mobile. Click on this downloaded file to install.
  6. A new screen showing the selected application’s name at the top is displayed.To install the application, just click on the Install button on the bottom of the screen.
  7. A new screen is displayed once the installation is complete and you can choose to immediately run the application by clicking the Open button on the bottom of the screen.